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    Looks like both as I found this link detailing one of his Sombo fights.

    No, I'm not going to look for proof of TKD.

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    yeah, I think the "taekwondo" paper got it wrong.
    "Judo is a study of techniques with which you may kill if you wish to kill, injure if you wish to injure, subdue if you wish to subdue, and, when attacked, defend yourself" - Jigoro Kano (1889)
    ***Was this quote "taken out of context"?***

    "The judoist has no time to allow himself a margin for error, especially in a situation upon which his or another person's very life depends...."
    ~ The Secret of Judo (Jiichi Watanabe & Lindy Avakian), p.19

    "Hope is not a method... nor is enthusiasm."
    ~ Brigadier General Gordon Toney

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    Two teenagers charged with attempted murder of martial arts expert

    Two young men accused of breaking into Johannes Alder’s home in Paisley and attacking him and his wife during an alleged break-in.

    Ian Michie, 17, and Daryl Dock, 18, were at the High Court in Glasgow on Monday for a preliminary hearing. The pair are accused of the attempted murder of Johannes Alder - a five time champion in Sombo wrestling - at his home in Saucelhill Terrace in Paisley on July 23 this year.

    They are also alleged to have assaulted Mr Alder's wife Elizabeth to her permanent impairment during the same incident. Michie and Dock are charged with breaking into the property and stealing a numbers of items including knives, rings, a wallet, an iPod and a purse.

    They are then said to have acted in an "intimidating manner" towards Mr Alder and pushed him to the ground. It is claimed Mr Alder was then repeatedly struck on the head and body with knives or similar instruments.

    Mrs Alder is said to have been assaulted by being struck on the arm. Michie and Dock also face an allegation of attempting to defeat the ends of justice. It is claimed they tried to dispose of weapons used in the attacks down a drain.

    The pair finally face two other charges related to the same day. Michie and Dock are accused of stealing a mobile phone in George Street, Paisley. They are also alleged to have forced open a car in Ardgowan Street, also Paisley, and took a Sat-Nav and compact discs.

    Lawyers for both accused entered not guilty pleas to all charges on Monday. Judge Lord Kinclaven adjourned the case until a further preliminary hearing next month.

    Well looks like the perps are moving through the UK justice system now. I think we can assume Mr. Alder did make a recovery and pulled through
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