kintanon extrapolated what i said pretty well.

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You're just describing having improved technique again here.
it might be useful at this point to divide things in "technique" and "strategy" (or "gameplan"), both of which might fall under "skill"... or maybe i'm just talking semantics here.

a little tip for the less experienced who have trouble with those who are stronger: be conscious of tying things up in a way which uses little energy on your behalf, but takes a lot of effort for your opponent to get out of. find positions which take little energy to maintain, but still feel tight.

for example, closed guard with an overhook, grabbing the collar with that same arm and controlling the head or arm with the other. tie them up in knots and you should be able to relax a little while they struggle. i think of it more as utilising skeletal strength and leverage, as you'll feel pressure on your bones, but you're not straining muscles so much.

you might be able to weather the storm while they tire, then work on setting up a submission or sweep. it's an old tactic which is especially interesting to try on strong, spazzy noobs. so: lock em up, tire em out, rape.

even if you've decided to constantly attack, you don't have to be grinding your teeth with effort all the time. use your bones. you need economy.

bleh, i've never tried to describe that before, hope it made some sense.