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    Quote Originally Posted by Carpe Noctem View Post

    I'm not in any disagreement. What I'm talking about is overstriding and letting the heel slam into the ground ahead of your COG. I don't think I was specific enough in making my point. And yes, doing too much too soon of anything is going to result in injuries.

    My first reference for changing my running form (because I was one of those overstriders) was Gordon Pirie's book on running. Now my foot touches down under my COG, lands forefoot first and settles on the heel before picking my foot back up.

    It's true that more minimal shoes are getting to be the trend, and I fuckin' love that, but I still see a LOT of people (in the Army) who won't give up their heavily padded, motion control shoes and bitch about how much they hate running/are hurt/are injured.

    I think we're really on the same page, I just wasn't clear enough.

    Gotcha. We are pretty close, although I tried that forefoot first running, and it tore me up. Forefoot first is right out of Chi, and the Newton shoe (Triathlete marketed running shoe) is designed specifically for that. I tried both, and quickly went away from it. Doesn't work for me. :D

    And yeah, overstriding is death for a runner. I've been working on getting my running cadence to match my cycling cadence, and both are in the mid 80's now, which is fine.


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    I've heard many, many theories on how to shave time off your 2 miles. In the end it just comes down to running more. If you're doing 2-3 miles a few days a week, keep it up and steadily increase the distance. For variety you can do 60/120s (Sprint 60 seconds/walk 120). I also suggest finding a nice steep hill and running up and down that if you're heading to Ft. Benning for basic.

    I've never been a big fan of using the treadmill, but that's just personal preference.

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    I took roughly a week and a half off from running and let my legs recuperate. I went back to the trail twice this week and managed to make two miles in 16:30, but in addition to that I no longer suffer the soreness following the run. I still give myself at least a day in between, but before I was feeling pain immediately after and for several days.

    Still far from where I would like to be, but not too bad all things considered.

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