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    I'm good friends with paul, and trained there for over 3 years, and I can say that I definitely learned more than just basic stances on day one, and on occasion, when I would bring friends there to try it out, they would be introduced to information, synonymous to what I was learning.
    If nothing else I would say that he has an amazing personality, and even if you don't train there, I would at least introduce yourself.

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    I guess I'll chime in since I practice traditional southern CMA.

    FWIW, stance training is something so elemental to my style, it's like a pushup, so I do it all the time. Isometric exercises are important I think. Stance training is easy to do, in fact I can and do lift or at least carry weights while I train stances.

    For my kwoon:

    Did we do pushups from day 1? Yep.

    Stance training from day 1? Yep.

    Conditioning from day 1? Yep.

    Did we wait a year before going right to applications/drills/etc? No.

    Two years into it now (next month) and do we still do all these things? Yes.

    A good kung fu instructor should move you according to your own abilities. If you are skilled/in shape, apply yourself, and are respectul, an IDEAL instructor should move you along accordingly, especially since you are paying for it.

    Putting a specific time limit on advancing to "advanced" things like application seems kind of old fashioned, but not surprising given what Perma and the others said.
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