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    BJJ strategy over technique?

    Hi guys I've browsed through alot of the topics here and I've noticed there's a trend for requests in "why isn't this move I learned not workign for me in rolling?"

    Rob has some awsome ideas in how you actually apply the stuff you learn. He just sent this out and I felt that it could possibly be really helpful to some of the guys out there strugglin so I felt like uploding the link adn letting you guys in on it.

    Trust me when i say this isn't another close combat chris pizzo be deadly in 5 minutes after watching it. I have personally seen robs skill and can attest to his level of teaching it so you get it.

    hope it helps :)


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    For the WC haters that might read this, WCX2Z is some bizarro world anomaly. He trains at a GREAT BJJ school as well as training perfectly legit Muay Thai while AT THE SAME TIME being obsessed with his Chun. Don't discount Rob's excellent advice based on the source being a bit of a lunatic.

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    looks interesting... any reviews?


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