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    Quote Originally Posted by judoka_uk View Post
    There's a Budo college in Kampala, Uganda.
    Learning to box with Idi Amin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    Learning to box with Idi Amin?
    Lol. Its actually just a normal private school. One of my university friends went there. There's quite a lot of places and things across Africa that have 'Japanese' names by sheer linguistic accident. There's a place called 'Nage' and 'Waza' in Congo, I think.

    I had a list somewhere, I'll have a look for it.

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    There were a couple places like that in China that I looked into, once upon a time. Most of them are "do wushu in the morning, take Chinese classes in the evening" kind of affairs. It seemed like a good way to make being an expat in China a slightly less soul-rendingly hollow experience, but I never followed through.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Just Guess View Post
    They have this in Japan and I think Korea too. It's called college, as in the academic institute you can go for further education after high school. You can get actual degrees in Judo if you go to the right school and are good enough. I doubt the OP is anywhere near the standard needed to get in.
    For example, .In perusing that site, though, I'm not clear as to whether Yongin requires taking general education subjects as well or if it's more of a trade school where students can devote themselves fully to their chosen discipline. Anyone interested in the latter would probably be advised to look into an uchi deshi program, which evidently are at least somewhat in demand among aikidoka, like the o.p.

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