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    The slap catch is a good opener for this. Lets say your gonna be moving around your opponent to the left (your left) then you would slap your opponents right arm with your left and immediately grab the right arm with your right and pull his arm thru. Your basically passing your opponents arm from one hand to the other largely as a distraction. Once you have a hold of the right arm and have pulled it out at about a 45 degree angle away from the other person you step around and next thing you know you have the other guys back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by judoka_uk View Post
    I understood the question to be how to obtain a grip on uke's back.
    Ohhhhhh, that makes sense. We call it "over the back" or "monster" grip, while taking a person's back is literally being behind the person.

    See, this is why I said I might just be slow and not getting what he meant. :p

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