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    having got back into it after a period (I'm running 3 miles 2/3 times a week) you need to Warm Down to help clear the Lactic Acid and then Stretch more than you are. All Body but with an emphasis on Leg Stretches - the Calves etc is woefully inadequate. Part of you soreness is owing to your failure to clear the Lactic Acid AND your muscles are shortening after exercise hence your need to do additional Leg and Groin Stretches.

    Your problems should then disappear.

    Keep it up and Good Luck.
    Good advice. I was going to post something similar, but you can just put me down as +1 for stretching both before and after you run.

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    Im with stupid ^ (above poster)
    What time do you run? and how is your diet?

    If you can...get at least 7-8 hours of sleep and wake up around....5:30am-6:30am
    in the morning Oxygen is rich! if you have the chance run in a park, trail, tracks e.t.c as much as possible! I keep my back straight, have my arms at a 90 degree angle or whatnot.. and I keep my mouth open a bit and breath through my nose then out my mouth

    If u want bring a bottle of water with you (only really needed if you run vigorusly or in a warmer climate) how much do you weigh? maybe you could even wear a knee brace when running? get the right amount of proteins :) a good thing to do is run shortly for a warm up and then go for the run. Also stretch afterwards...your pretty much set now! :)

    I run alot in the morning I remember when I first started running I actually got a good number of shinsplits but now it doesn't happen very much :)

    (I diddn't read any other posts so I just gave my $.5) happy running!

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