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    oh, i totally forgot to mention that the muay thai girl was the best part of the movie. they don't list the character on imdb, so i don't know who she is, but i want to find more movies she's in.
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    I'm going to add my review from here: High Kick Girl - No BS MMA and Martial Arts.

    High Kick Girl

    The Good

    Awesome action flick. A very real gritty feel to the fights, not so much because they are realistic, but because they are really wailing on each other! They make that quite clear in the myriad slow-mo shots they use. The fights, therefor, look really vicous. I am not kidding.

    The girl is cute and allegedly is some kind of youth karate champ. The Sensei character is also played by a real karate "master" (JKA 6th dan) and there are cameos by other real MAists including MMA fighter Hisae Watanabe (who looks smoking hot, btw). So that gives the movie some authenticity that's quite cool.

    The Bad

    There are some plot holes which I won't detail here for the sake of spoilers. The bad guys are a super cheesy group of comic book villain rejects called the destroyers. The girl isn't featured nearly enough in the final half of the film. And they waaaayyy over use the slow motion in several of the fight scenes and in the movie over all.

    The Ugly

    The message of the movie (and it has a clear and purposeful message) is complete bullshido. Allow me to summarize. "Kata is the best way to learn karate" and "karate is not about fighting." Hard to stomach, even with the rest of the film's awesomeness.

    In conclusion

    Despite the bs message about karate and learning to fight, this movie is simply too awesome to be ignored. You must see it.
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