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    Hey Guys, I'm a member at XXile, I was trying to sign up for the first few weeks but I don't think it officially opened for a while. We have regular classes and class schedules now. We regularly roll until 8pm on most nights. I haven't taken the Muay Thai class yet - I'm usually too gassed from rolling - so I can't tell you anything about it.

    Although the school is tied in with Golds Gym - Its really a separate entity of its own. You just get a discount if you're already a member of the Golds. In fact, 99% of the time, the door that connects the place to Golds is usually locked. You have to walk around the building to get in. I'm a member at Golds too and in all seriousness, there are only two people in the class that have memberships at Gold's as well (myself and one other guy) - so its not like theres a cardio class and they just call it MMA.

    Although we are still new and working out the details as far as the other classes go - I have to say the BJJ here is top notch - our BJJ instructor is Geoff Balme, he instructs at another place in Clayton as well, he seems to be well known in this area. I think he trained Billy Dowey. Pendergrass brings him in for seminars and stuff. I'm sure I'm not telling you guys anything you don't already know about him, but in my opinion - we couldn't have a better instructor - the guy is amazing.

    Because we are a relatively new school and the class hasn't filled up yet, it gives us all a fantastic opportunity to roll with Geoff on a regular basis and get a lot more personal instruction.

    As far as not taking this school seriously if you want to fight in MMA, I think its a great place to be if you want to fight in MMA. The owner is Doug Muhle - the CEO of Carolina Fight Promotions and he trains here with us on a regular basis. We also have a few guys that have fought - Walter Smith won his first amateur fight at the June 26th event in Wilmington - The Guy on the left in this pic and David (I think his last name is Noblit, but we call him "stump") is there regularly.

    Doug also has some pretty good connections and will be bringing in Charuto in a few months for a semiar. You can see pics of Doug and Charuto on the Pendergrass site Doug is the big guy in the Blue Gi in the pics.

    The place is still new and growing, and I hope to encourage you guys to check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southpaw View Post
    That's great info! Thanks. Make sure to do a dojo review.

    I had no idea that was Doug's place. Actually didn't even know he had a place?

    Doug is a great guy and I'm sure they will get some big names through there.

    Good luck w/ your training!
    Yep, its still pretty new and I'm sure you already know he's a pretty busy guy :D . He still makes it in regularly though. You should stop in sometime, we're usually there for BJJ Monday 6pm-7pm, Tues-Thurs 5:30pm-7:30pm or 8pm. Monday is no-gi

    Good luck with your training as well :)
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    Oh I forgot to mention - theres no contract, its just a month to month thing. That was even more of an incentive to me ( and would seem unheard of being that its tied in with Golds!)

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