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    maofas, I agrre totally...over the years I have seen some crazy ass attempts to condition and or harden that were just down right scarry. Its as if these teachers have turned simple training devices into some kind of tuff guy contest (ofcorse it also seems to generate a quazi cult like "were tougher then the rest" attitude amogst the students) wich is good I hope they stick together later in life so they can help each other grasp a fork to feed them selves. It's amazing sometimes the abuse. On a flip note some of the worst looking hands I've seen came from full gi grapplers who've gotten their hands tangled in the cloth, between the jammed fingers, torn off finger nails and the dislocations....I guess we are all a bit off when it comes to our willingness to torment our bodies in the name of getting better?!/!

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    Ha, I was about to reply to Dsimon before I read your post, but my reply applies to both...

    Yeah, my fingers are so fucked right now from Judo from being twisted up in the gi. All my fingers bulge out now around the last joint, but my right ring finger is just ridiculously bulging and really sore, can't even close my hand into a complete fist. So I can't do knuckle pushups lately, and I can't do divebombers either because my wrists are temporarily fucked, lol.

    On a positive note, I just got some correction tonight that will probably save years on my wrists. I've basically been wristlocking myself like a retard when I try to apply lapel chokes and I've never said anything the last 2.5 years because I figured I was supposed to just grin and bear it and hope the other dood taps out before I tap myself out. Doh!
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