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    Quote Originally Posted by meat monkey View Post
    So, depending on the camera angles then, we might see a strangely intent man hunched in the corning apparently mumbing/talking to himself?

    Perhaps best to make sure the dictaphone is nice and obvious :P

    Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, mang, I talk to myself even when I ain't got a dictaphone. Haters be hating regardless of technology. But from what I understand I'm back a bit further from danno, so dude best take some fucking sick photos.

    And it is a fucking good card.

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    Yeah, sounds all kinds of good...

    Pity I am right over on the otherside of the country, just a bit far to walk I would say. Still, I look forward to hearing how it all goes, even if it is with a touch of jealousy!

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