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    as a southpaw i was about to post some of my fights to help... but then i realised i suck so you probably dont want to watch them.

    actually, maybe you should watch them and then not do what i do and you should be good.

    (just kidding i rock)

    oh also, keep your lead foot on the outside of theirs. if you can do that it opens up everything else. iif you cant youre fucked. that is all.

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    Just post them. I'm not at a level where I can judge people. Not that I want to.

    I'd like some advice on footwork and movement when it comes to kicks. Normally I just repeatedly move out of the way or block them but I have problems finding the time to counter attack. I'm sort of looking for some advice on how to close distance and counter attack quick enough. Or something like that.

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    There is this boxing drill I used to do when starting out.
    Stand just outside each other's jabbing range, and stay on your toes, shifting weight front and back. One guy throws the jab, the other guy's job is to get out of the way (straight back). You shouldn't have to parry or block, but using distance. Right after that, try to time his jab and get back in range, counter with your own jab. The goal is to land the jab but it is okay if you don't land one.

    You build up to double jabs (ask your coach how to throw them) and then you build up to step-offline then body shot counter.

    The whole point is that keeping outside kick range is the same as keeping outside jabbing range. The trick part is that some guys have long arms, short lets, or visa versa. It'll just come with experience.

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