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    Greetings Alll

    My name is Joshua, I live in Australia and am interested in Martial Arts. I started to study Bujinkan Budo Taijustu I only got to go to six lessons and then I had to move.
    I can't find anywhere nearby to continue training, I have decided to study the history of ninjutsu and collect books by various authors including Hatsumi Masaaki, Anthony Cummins and Simon Yeo. My favourite movie of last year was Ninja Assassin. :qtank:

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    Hi, Joshua.

    It's great to study history of martial arts. You should check out the history of western martial arts as well.

    As for looking for a school: Any styles in particular you have in mind?

    I would suggest the standard Muay Thai, Brazillian Jujitsu, Boxing recommendations. Judo is a good style to start too.
    It's up to you, but these styles are often recommended because they're not as prone to "McDojos" (Bad schools) as the others.

    If you can find a school through google, we'll review it for you here.


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