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    Um, as I stated a couple of posts back, I DID join as that MOS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Stone View Post
    It has nothing to do with going to another recruiter... If the Army isn't "hiring" for those jobs, then the Army's not "hiring" for those jobs. Period.

    Understand, please, that we're in a drawdown phase. We have too many people on active duty as it is, and through the very complex process used by Human Resources Command what jobs need filling are determined and disseminated to recruiting commands.

    If they're telling you that medical jobs aren't open, likely won't be open, then don't sign anything "just in case" you can "renegotiate" the contract later. If you sign, you've signed. There's no reason for the Army to "renegotiate" a contract for some enlisted man with no skills just to swap one job for another. So don't count on this being a reality.

    Either pick a job that is hiring, and be happy with that, or sit back, wait, and hope that that job comes open. Expect the recruiters to become increasingly unpleasant to work with. They've already invested time and effort getting you this far; to have you pull out at the last minute isn't going to make you their best friend. They're unlikely to continue feeding you up to the minute updates on your MOS preferences.
    Army bullies, any advice? - No BS MMA and Martial Arts

    this my my current thread, and the advice posted above is very current and valid. in MY particular case for reserve/active (5 credits are involved...15 at least to not be considered a tier 2 recruit in the guard[n my state 5 college credits are involved] Wait and see if the Army has slots for your desired MOS open( do not trust recruiters with "renegotiations" for anything) DO NOT SIGN ANY CONTRACT AT MEPS UNLESS IT IS FOR A MOS YOU WANT TO DO, otherwise it is at LEAT a six moth wait ill you can re-class to a new MOS.


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