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    Tri-Action pistols

    Whats the word on these? We've got an old Daewoo Pistol, (thing is actually fun as **** to shoot) in 9mm, but I was told its tri-action.

    What exactly does that mean? From what i've seen, the only difference is in the hammer being able to be pushed forward whilst the safety is engaged.

    Are they better/worse/the same as single/double actions? What are the pros/cons?

    And, killing two birds with one stone, what do you crazy 2nd amendment junkies think of the piston-driven AR systems?

    Make that three birds, and have you guys seen this 6.86 mm? (or it could be 6.68, or something entirely. I know it starts with a 6). What do you guys think of that? Everything I've read seems positive, but I don't know too much about guns, other then how to shoot people shaped targets and bullseyes with them.

    Thanks alot!


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    Don't know much about the tri-action pistol.

    I think piston AR's are the nuts but wouldn't recommend the after market adapter kits. Buy one that was designed as an entire upper. That being said I don't think that they are so GREAT that I would turn in my gas impingement AR and shell out the cash for a piston system..if I had the cash laying around maybe.

    6.8 Rem..hear a lot of good stuff about it but never shot it or heard any verifiable field effectiveness stories about it. 5.56 is just fine within it's range envelope, in the right loading, and when it hits the target.

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    I have a LMT piston upper. It was very expensive. It runs cleaner and cooler than my DI uppers. It was very expensive. I don't really see it being radically better or more reliable than my quality DI uppers for a semi-auto gun, but it is cooler and cleaner which I suspect would have a noticeable impact if it were being run suppressed and/or full auto for high round counts. It was very expensive.

    I also would not recommend a conversion kit.

    I'll also take M193 out of a 16 or 20" barrel out to 100 yards (or 300ish for the 20") or a 75gr or higher hollow point out of any length barrel over a 6.8, but that's me..

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    The 6.8 Remington is a good round, but I personally think that the 6.5 Grendel has superior ballistics. Neither round is readily available or cost effective to practice with, though.

    As for piston ARs, they are nice and run very cool but they're expensive and you'd probably be better suited by an AK variant for a lower price. After all, why pick up a rifle that just now started using a gas-piston system when you could pick up the weapon that's been successfully using it better than anything else for over 50 years?

    For Tri-Action, it means there are 3 different types of action for the pistol. It has a Double Action pull, a Single Action Pull, and a "Quick Action" pull which is basically a double action pull with less trigger weight. It's not literally a "Triple Action", just a bit of extra fluff that you can use if you like it.


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