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    Mixfight says M-1 falling apart. M-1 disagrees

    So, after Fedor's first loss, speculation was abound that M-1 Global might have just seen the beginning of the end. I even remember turning to The Fight Nerd at the M-1 event in New Jersey as we watched a telecast and saw Fedor tap, and asking if we should console the people around us on the loss of their jobs.

    So, Netherlands combat sports website Mixfight reports today that M-1 closed their Holland office in a panic. Here's the Bloody Elbow pick up for those who don't speak Netherlandishese (Or Dutch, whatever.)


    So, I called Oleg Savitsky who operates the US office for M-1 and he vehemently disagrees. The article on that can be found here.

    As I'm kind of forced to note at the end of the article, the best way to tell if a fight promoter is bullshitting you is to check to see if his lips are moving. However, in my few interactions with Oleg he's gained the nickname around the office here of "the ghost that never lies" as he comes out with stuff that is undiplomatic and away from the official company line, like when he admitted Fedor wasn't training right for his fight with Werdum a month before it went down when other promoters were trying to build it up as much as possible. So, his testimony may be worth quite a bit more than if any other dude from M-1 said that same thing.

    Edit: Since the writing of this article, Bloody elbow published a response from M-1's home office that the Holland office isn't going anywhere. Now, Oleg stated clearly that they still had people working in Holand, but the conversation was somewhat ambiguous as to whether the office was officially closed or if they were just shrinking it a bit.
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