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    Quote Originally Posted by diesel_tke View Post
    Normally, you don't have outside people coming in to teach DT. The DT classes have a state approved corriculum. The only thing taught in there is what has been approved to use in a use of force. Now, occasionally you have someone come in out side of work that will teach some stuff. The way they normally determine who is going to teach those classes is someone who is known by an officer and has something to teach that other people will want to learn.

    We had a guy come by to teach one time and he was a TSD guy. His stuff was garbage and it was a nice joke for a long time. We tried to get the guy to spar with us. When he wouldn't do it, we started taking a lot of breaks until he was told to leave.

    Yeah, he probably puts on his bio that he taught the Team.
    Undoubtedly. :5baby:

    Yeah, I was pretty much guessing something along those lines. I didn't really imagine that it was actually going to be common practice for the police to just hire Soke John Q. Bumfuck, 10th Dan Manko-ryu Koga Ninjitsu, Hall Of Fame 1996 in all his fat, bearded, bespectacled, black gi-clad glory to teach the Team (guess that's the correct term, huh?) how to survive on the streets of reality and 'how do compliant gun disarm' on a regular basis. Or at least not as common as Soke John Q. Bumfuck's website would probably imply.

    Oh yeah - I just remembered this vid:

    YouTube- Advanced Wing Tsun Techniques : Wing Tsun Gun Defense
    "This is a technique I practice with the Burbank Police Department."

    From a comment on the vid:
    1 year ago 3

    Todd, yes I allowed you to come up and view our training once at the Burbank Police Department, however you never "Practiced with the Burbank Police Department" as you stated in this video.

    I do not want anybody thinking that this technique is what we use or would condone as it violates some of our principals and safety protocals in training.

    If you want to discuss this you can call me as you have my phone number.

    Brent Ambrose

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    HA!!! That's awesome!!!
    Combatives training log.

    Gezere: paraphrase from Bas Rutten, Never escalate the level of violence in fight you are losing. :D

    Drum thread

    Pavel Tsatsouline: kettlebell workouts give you “cardio without the dishonour of aerobics”.

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    I love the floppy foam gun. Ya know, because you don't want to hurt anyone while practicing your chunner pistol-whip technique.

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