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    Midtown NYC Schools

    I am wondering what good martial art schools exist in Midtown MYC. I know about the Hapkido school at 14/7 and Sambo school at 36/8. Anything else? This is the area I want to take classes at since it's close to work for me.

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    Know about the Sambo and still looking?

    hmmmm, not sure what you are looking for, but

    265 Madison Avenue and 284 5th Avenue are Kyokushinkai Karate dojo addresses.
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    Is there anything specific? Cause there's a lot of martial art schools, though I'm assuming most are Kung Fu/Karate/TKD types.

    Also depending on how comfortable you are with it, we have a Throwdown coming up.
    New York throwdown July 25 - No BS MMA and Martial Arts

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    ronin athletics is a great gym. new york combat sambo is a great gym. what are you looking for in a gym?
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