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    Knee joint issue from bruising- confusing...

    Last Wednesday at Judo I was drilling with someone even more n00b than myself whose idea of ukemi would guarantee me a broken collarbone or wrist. He had told our coach he had done some judo before and he was a bit of a loudmouth in regards to his experience even though he admitted it wasn't much, to the point of telling me while rolling that I wasn't going to get a kimura (so I did to prove him wrong).

    Anyway, while doing a simple drill for a throw he twisted the wrong way and his shirt tore, sending him to ground, he landed with his elbow just under my knee cap but with his wrist propping it up from the floor (I don't think it will be replicated ever again, I certainly couldn't figure out how he did it) into my knee, it was a seemingly innocuous thing but it felt like a small hammer pinpointing below the knee with considerable force. Not being one to complain too much, I hobbled through the rest of training convincing myself it was simply a bruise. After this our coach realised the guy didn't know ukemi as well as he said and made him drill it.

    A day later I went to the gym and about halfway through my set of squats, my knee became progressively weaker, to the point that on the last set I was genuinely concerned about it giving out. While climbing stairs after the workout it did give out. I am pissed off because I have just settled into a routine.

    It seems to be a bruise on the absolute top front of the shin bone, just under the fleshy, tendon-y (?) part of the knee so I am not sure why it is affecting the actual joint if it is a bruise to the bone, but when my knee gives out I can feel the pain from the top of my knee to the top of my foot, down the front of the shin. I'm trying to rest it as much as I can, but it has now been 4 days since the gym and is still weak, is this normal?

    Can anyone shed light on this? Clarification will probably be required, so just ask and I'll try and clear anything up. I don't want to have fucked knees.

    I need to keep training, it is only 4 weeks into my program and I don't want to stop now, should I forego squats, deadlifts and anything where I have to pick up a barbell from the ground (seriously, just picking up the barbell for overhead press buckled the knee) for the time being and focus on upper body strength? Should I give judo a miss, or go easy and work on my back game?

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    Either something freaky has gone wrong with it in which case you should see a doctor. Or it is swelling and Voltarin should fix it.

    Your best bet is to go to a doctor and get a result then post back and see which of our homiopathic remedies we suggest.

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    i've taken a few knocks to that area, and it always hurts.

    ice is your best friend until you can get to a doctor and get it checked out. icing after every weights/judo/boxing/mma session generally stops it hurting constantly and makes it feel stronger, even if its just an illusion.
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