Clean your fucking Gi! If you ever decide to compete in tournaments they can kick you out for having a dirty gi. Oh, and make sure the sleeves of the gi reach to your wrists at least. They can kick you out tournaments if the sleeves of the gi are too short. or they'll just make you change gi tops. I've seen it happen quite a few times.

Oh, and if you are a former wrestler (especially freestyle or high school) well, judo will kind of suck for you anymore for a while because they outlawed leg attacks (effective January 1 of this year) except if it is part of a combo or a counter. But don't count on NOT getting DQ'ed anyway. In a tournament I fought in February, I did a leg attack on my opponent (te guruma), and it really should have been ippon because it was a counter, but the referee didn't even score the move. I should just count my lucky stars I didn't get DQ'ed. I still won the match, so oh well.