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    David Levicki vs. Johnny Rhodes: The Last Lost Fight

    Countless innocent victims were slaughtered in the acquisition of this video. I hope you're happy.

    YouTube- Karate vs. Wing-Chun Part 1

    YouTube- Karate vs. Wing Chun Part 2

    It gets cut off at the end, but basically Big John stops it because of Levcki's cuts.

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    Thanks for posting! A commentary on the 'unseen' matches at UFC 2 can be found here - UFC 2 - The Missing Matches - Upstanding Fucking Citizens

    Here's the synopsis of the Levicki-Rhodes fight.

    3rd Match – Dave Levicki (Wing-Chung Kung Fu) vs Johnny Rhodes (kickboxing)
    You want Kung-Fu? You got Kung-Fu! Not only is Dave Levivki a master of this mysterious art of the Orient, but our announcers mention that he is a former Navy Seal. At 6’5 275lb, Levicki is bigger than any two Shaolin monks; what chance can the dour-looking 6’ 200lb Rhodes have against this mighty embodiment of Mortal Combat mayhem? Rhodes opens with a spinning back kick that bounces harmlessly off Levicki’s bulk and the two men grapple clumsily until they topple to the ground in a writhing heap, with Rhodes eventually finding himself on top. A few headbutts from Rhodes, some countering palm strikes and knuckle-thrusts from Levicki, and the action slows to a crawl. Suddenly, Levicki reveals a brilliant and unanticipated strategy from his back – wrapping his legs around Rhodes’ waist, Levicki manages to tactfully pull Rhodes’ karate pants down, exposing Johnny’s “two buns of fun” for all the world to see. Not content to let this comedic spectacle continue unhindered, our unfortunate referee John McCarthy reaches into Rhodes’ pants and pulls them back to waist level, only to see the depantsing repeated just seconds later. When McCarthy tries to hoist Rhodes’ pants up a second time, he mistakenly grabs a bit more than he anticipates; with both hands, he grabs a hold of what appears to be Johnny Rhodes’ jockstrap and pulls until the elastic has stretched nearly a foot before realizing his error and letting go, allowing the elastic band to ‘thwack’ solidly into Rhodes’ back. For perhaps the first 10+ minutes, our glimpses of Mr. Rhodes’ ‘Johnnycakes’ and John McCarthy’s homoerotic attempts to horn in on the action are the highlights of this otherwise uninteresting lay-n-pray snoozer, as neither man understands the fundamentals of grappling well enough to assert themselves from the ground. A trickle of blood is visible from the outer corner of Levicki’s left eye around the 10-minute mark, as the bigger Kung Fu master seems unable to execute any appropriate Kung Fu wizardry to escape his situation. Finally, Rhodes lands a hefty forearm smash to the face, followed by a pair of crushing headbutts which convinces Levicki to tap out. As Levicki stands, we can see that the last flurry of blows from Johnny Rhodes has turned the trickle of blood from his eye into an oozing gusher, as Levicki’s face is quickly coated in the thick red stuff. Levicki’s listless loss reflects not only the general worthlessness of Kung Fu in the UFC, but also serves of a harbinger of the future, as this former military Special Forces member takes a beating without the reassurance of a weapon in his hands. We would have to wait several years for Greg ‘Ranger’ Stott to enter the Octagon and attempt to redeem the honor of the military with his expeditious fighting system, RIP.


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