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    Quote Originally Posted by twisted mind View Post
    I'm 5'10" and 210 pounds, that's pretty well average size of the majority of the guys around these parts.
    I dunno~ Wal-mart-ville seems like a scary place. :5crackup:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Loobner View Post
    I dunno~ Wal-mart-ville seems like a scary place. :5crackup:
    It is.

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    I think you should ignore this UFC Average or whatever and look at the broader picture. There have been lots of good world MW MMA fighters under 6,1:

    Rousimar Palhares
    Jake Shields
    Evan Tanner
    Vitor Belfort
    Frank Shamrock
    Kazushi Sakuraba
    Dan Henderson
    Paulo Filho
    Cung Le
    Demian Maia
    Patrick Côté
    Travis Lutter
    Yoshihiro Akiyama
    Ronaldo Souza
    Robbie Lawler
    Kazuo Misaki
    Denis Kang

    If you look just at TUF shows for instance in the UFC,
    TUF 1 MW's that performed well under 6,1 :
    Kenny Florian
    Chris Leben
    Diego Sanchez - Winner - 5,10
    Nate Quarry

    TUF 4 MW's who performed well under 6,1:
    Travis Lutter - Winner - 5,11
    Patrick Cote
    Pete Sell

    TUF 7 MW:
    Amir Sadollah - winner - 5,11

    TUF 11 MW's who performed well under 6,1:
    Court Mcgee - Winner - 5,11
    Kris Mcray
    Rich Antonio
    Josh Bryant

    People under 6,1 can all make good MW fighters.
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    The thing is, logically shorter people have to build more muscle mass to partake in a higher weight class. "Short" fighters would need larger, wider and heavier muscles to equal the same weight of someone taller and eventually this would start working against them in the heavier divisions. This seems to me to be an issue of practicality where as the shorter fighters tend to be in smaller divisions so they can comfortably divide training between muscle building/maintenance and sparring and other skill training.

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    ^ I can agree to a certain point but your taking into account a lot of generalisations. I think that would be more applicable to <6,0 fighters in the LHW and HW divisions for example Jeff Monson, more so than with the MW division. Some people are just larger and heavier than other people of the same/similar height such It's kind of wrong to generalise that people 6,0 and under are all similiar weights and need to add muscle to make weight for 185. Travis Lutter/Patrick Cote/Court Mcgee etc. are all MW's who are naturally dense and suit the MW weight limit. Those 3 examples I've mentioned don't have massive amounts of muscle and I'm taking a guess don't spend large amounts of time lifting weights and building muscle for fight preparation in order to make weight/be big enough for 185 lbs. But they all comfortably compete in the MW division whilst all being smaller than this supposed 6,1 average for MW's. Your point would have some weight for fighters smaller than 6,1 in the Heavy weight division and similar divisions, few people 5,10 naturally weigh 265 lbs you would either need a lot of muscle or even more fat lol
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    6'1" ~160 lbs. and lovin' every second of it

    I used to be self-conscious about my skinny wrists until I learned what a collar choke was.


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    Agree, I height is no advantage in BJJ.
    At higher levels, even weight mean very little.
    I have rolled with a 145, 5'7 little Asian dude who was stronger and tougher than a 300 pound man. Some of the small guys , who know what they are doing are hell to roll with.

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