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    Quote Originally Posted by CarlosJesena View Post
    Dude I am WTF TKD. As far as I know, there's no "real full contact". Which is why I started training MMA. Over here ITF is the one that's the more "hardcore" TKD that uses hands and spars harder. Hrm, strange. I may be mistaken, though.
    Uh dude...WTF is indeed full contact. When you fight you do not pull back blows or strikes as in styles that utilize light or medium contact. Though it could be the school you refer to which unfortunately will cast a bad image on the style.

    Just out of curiosity how long have you been training TKD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by keyoz View Post
    I'm quite ok with (2), but doesnít (1) = (3)?

    Could you direct me to a reliable online reading material that would address the historical and social incorrectness of my statement? I live in a country where reading materials concerning martial arts are really hard to come by. I'm not asking for reading material on logic- that would probably go over my head.

    Use critical thinking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keyoz View Post
    Noted. I donít have access to any works on Judo history so I really appreciate this.
    I REALLY love google books specifically for the scanning, OCR'ing, and publication of historical works.

    Here is a link to an article by Jigoro Kano from 1922:

    Here is a search for "Jigoro Kano":

    Skip the first 2 entries and the earliest works are listed first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BKR View Post
    Waki Gatame is very effective. I use it in ne waza frequently. Standing armbars are effective as well, but I found Waki Gatame and Hara Gatame to be very useful in ne waza. Hardly anyone expects them, and they apply a lot of pressure quickly when done correctly.

    As Mark noted, incorrect training methods are the main problem.

    As far as self defense goes, imagine applying Waki Gatame like the Korean did to Saito.

    Ben Reinhardt

    I worded what I said very poorly (sorry I haven't been keeping up with this thread). Deadly as in it can work but has been known to bust arms when you imminently drop into it, and thus usage of said waza seems to make some people jumpy and you have to be extra careful to use control. Not "d3adlY' in the sense of a spinning back punch to a pressure point located on your pinky finger. I actually really like waki gatame. The safety problems associated with it can be said of any kansetsuwaza applied without proper control. Again, I worded what I said poorly and I didn't mean to bag on waki gatame.

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