Yep, I'm talking about Gemtech suppressors.

Truly some of the versatile suppressors out there. How is this for flexible. One can, multi mounts. The problem with this idea is that suppressors tend to walk on the threads (unscrew) with successive shots. This is why you will see experienced shooters wearing gloves (it isn't so they can look cool). With every two shots or so you basically check that you are still tight and you want gloves because the suppressor will be very, Because it the suppressor dips and at best you get a baffle worst you blow a hole out of the corner of your suppressor.

The multi mount, ironically gives you two threaded connections to keep an eye one (unless you are using the three lug mount). But so far I haven't had or heard of any of the mounts coming unscrewed from the suppressor during firing. One word of caution, the SIG mounts are left hand so they can be tricky. Basically the direction you turn the can to thread on to the host gun is the same direction that unscrews the mount from the suppressor.

But complexity aside, you can do this with just one can.

And here is a neat trick for you. Experienced shooters know that there are many elements invloved in suppression. In addition to the escaping gases at the bore (the main discharge signature suppressors primarily address) and the ballistic crack of rounds going supersonic (eliminated with the use of subsonic ammunition) there is also a gas discharge at the chamber (not nearly as significant as the one at the bore) and the mechanical noise of the cycled action.

Covert military types have long addressed these latter two considerations by using handguns where the slide can be locked. At the cost of a bit more recoil and the need to hand cycle the action for additional shots you can eliminate these two sound signatures as well as retain the spent casing. With most modern suppressors you actually need a Linear Inertia Device (LID) to cycle the action of most popular handguns like the SIG and Glock. Certain designs such as the Beretta M9 do not need a LID mount and can simply use a standard threaded mount and cycle reliably. But you may not want to. Basically by using a standard threaded mount (instead of the LID) on a Glock for example, you get all the advantages of a locked slide configuration.

Gemtech also makes the HALO suppressor. This is the kind of suppressor I dreamed of as a kid. No more buying a dedicated suppressor for each rifle you own with a different thread pitch on the barrel. No more unscrewing your flash hider to attach it. No more need for a wrench in your back pocket to pull your flash hider. The HALO mounts on ANY standard NATO flash hider without tools. That means one suppressor can be installed in the field on most rifles you own. That means you can do this.

And they make some pretty decent dedicated suppressors as well. You really can't be the results of the integral Oasis rifles and pistols.