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    Means you're pivoting on your kicks which is good. Actually most people take a while to learn that correctly so take that for what you will.

    I've had this a few times now but never on both feet at the same time. I've had my knee's torn to shreds from grappling but thai hasn't caused this more that once or twice. I just wore my wrestling shoes until they heal and then back to bare feet. It tends not to happen again unless you take a break and let it soften up then. It's probably not right but I've always tried to let things just heal as best they can without assistance. I'm probably lucky I've never got an infection but it's worked for me.

    Even worse than this is when the hardened skin between your big toe and foot cracks and starts to strip away. Only got that once and it was because I started picking at it. I'll never do that again.
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    @Carlos: Yeah. Great place.

    So yeah. Its beginning to heal. The weak skin came off. My foot's stronger now.

    But yeah, I kind of get the point of letting it be. I just disinfected it with Peroxide and used some gauze to keep dirt away. It's healing pretty fast.

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