I am pleased to announce the facsimile republication of Principles of Squad Instruction for the Broadsword by A. J. Corbesier.

The PDF download is, as always, free: Principles of Squad Instruction for the Broadsword

In 1868, A. J. Corbersier, then a Sword-Master instructing fence at the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, wrote this Broadsword manual.

Drawing on his experience and the specific course of instruction he used while teaching at Annapolis, Maestro Corbersier laid out a basic introduction to the Saber, often referred to as a “Broadsword.” This course of instruction builds on the basics of terminology, position, movement, attacks, and defenses, to include squad drills.

Uniquely, Maestro Corbersier also includes instructions to a squad level instructor who would be leading the group through the introduction and drills.

The manual quickly gained the recommendation of Vice-Admiral David Porter and was subsequently published in 1869.

This is a fascinating and educational look at 19th Century Military Saber.
Peace favor your sword,