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    Bushido mma St Johns NL

    This place is a sham, its all fitness classes with a few so called "MMA" classes taught by guys with no credentials or experience who just do drills they saw on TUF. The website says BJJ but they have no BJJ coach. WASTE OF MONEY!!!

    The gym owner is some pretend online fitness guru who also talks a good game about being an MMA expert. I found out though that his only training is a BB in TKD from 10 yrs ago and a yellow belt under his old BJJ instructor who recently left the gym. I might try and find where he is training now, as a few guys around this spot the night Iwas there said he was pretty good.and trained legit in a bunch of different styles including BJJ and Judo. Anyway the owner doesnt seem to teach but has a few equaly unqualified guys who I think were also students of old instuctor, run a few "MMA" classes. The skills of these guys is slightly above begginer and the teaching ability was nill. They were obviously begginer to intermidiate students.

    They do have one coach who seems legit, Jason Hayward, who from the check I did has about a 50/50 record as a pro boxer and seems to have decent hand skills.

    Overall this place is a scam unless you want to do cardio kick aerobics type classes.

    Also they say they offer Crossfit but I couldnt find them on the CF affiliate page.

    Now to find a real place to train.

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    I have no connection to the above gym; however, the review sounded a little like sour grapes to me.

    For the individual who did the review I would like to ask for disclosure on your connection to the gym, previous training experience, and current training goals.

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    Actualy, just moved to town a couple months ago for work offshore. I used to train in Halifax for about a year at Titans and Polukas and was looking for a decent spot to go. From the web site this place looked great. I droped by and did some checking though and they don't offer anything legit other than the boxing guy. 1/2 the **** on the website they don't actualy have, I mean it says BJJ on the site...but its not even on the schedule ??? To bad because its actualy a nice looking a decently equiped place.

    Anyway I poked around and found a few other spots to try. I heard some good things about Mike Foley. Suposed to be a good kick boxer, so I'm going to check that out and the website says they have BJJ to. Another club I found was Republic but they seem to only do BJJ. So i'm going to check the Mike Foley place first as I'd rather just go to one club if they have everything.

    Anyway Bushido is pure Bullshido.

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    I agree, the boxing coach is good otherwise this place is crap. They don't have any actual fighters who have had a fight, what kind of MMA gym is that? The classes are weak and nothing but cardio drills.

    The guy who runs it is just using MMA hype to try and scam a buck. Eastmma you are right as well that they don't have alot of what is advertised such as BJJ and Judo or real Kickboxing.

    The "instructors" seem like total begginers. If they went to my old club in Edmonton (Hyabusa) they would be laughed out of the gym if they said they were coaches.

    total rip off!


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