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    Rapid Fitness (Raleigh NC)

    Rapid Fitness is a new chain of gyms that have started up in central NC about 2 1/2 years ago. It is a full gym with a MMA/Boxing program/team. The gym is very modern with all the equipment being new or close to it. The MMA/Boxing program is very organized and first class in my opinion. All the instructors at Rapid Fitness and very qualified to teach their respected arts. Todd wheeler is the BJJ instructor and is a black belt under Professor Shawn Williams (team Renzo Gracie) The Muay Thai instructor is Johnny Keokongsy, his father had him training at age 5, and was a former fighter in Thailand. The Boxing coach is a US Olympic assistant boxing coach. They also have some "kids kick" classes that I don't know a lot about. Their is a fight team based out of the gym called Kruel Militia. They are starting to put out some solid young fighters.
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