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    Good KMA instructor in Manhattan?

    I'm looking for a KMA school in Manhattan. Can anyone recommend a good school/instructor? The specific style is less important to me than the quality of instruction.

    I'm focused on KMA specifically because I'm going to be making dozens of trips to Seoul over the coming decades and it would be wonderful to train with a master in Korea one day.

    Other than quality instruction, my only four requirements are: 1) showers, 2) weekend classes, 3) practical self-defense, 4) Manhattan.

    Any suggestions?

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    I don't see why a TKD instructor in Korea would care if you studied Hapkido, KSW, Yudo, Humdo or TSD in NYC. I trained in Korea (80s) my instructor never asked me about anything I did in the states, he just wanted me to get with the program and pick up what they were laying down over there. I'm not telling you this in an attempt to dissuade you from training KMA here (I'm sure there is something in NYC) but there are really so many great plces to train there that you would be passing over for wwhat amounts to (in my opinion) a not very good reason. Good luck brother (go to NY Combat Sambo).


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