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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Phillips View Post
    Cy Q. Faunce

    has already found you; it was always too late to save yourself
    Fucking With Your ****


    @Hardin Come anywhere near me or mine and I will fucking END YOU. I have hitters in your town, old school bar room heros from the Boston HC scene who will wreck your ****. I'm giving them your address and instructions in case anything happens on my end. You know this is not a game because I already told you they were in your town a year ago. Make a move, but your ass is getting curbsplit the moment you do. You fucking punk.

    Come near my kid and its the last thing you will ever do. That's a promise.
    Good thing all this drama happened on a website dedicated to fighting.
    I would hate to see what would happen if a non-training fatman unleashed all this holy hell on a Hello Kitty Fansite or Philatelic Message Board.

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    Probably the same as here ?
    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

    ~Ella Wheeler

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    This is like trying to ref a football game in which you are not sure who committed the foul first, and who got the ref's attention by their response. However, I can't allow threats to remain on an open thread so this is what I am going to do.

    1) I am going to remove the offending posts to admin.

    2) I am going to lock the thread.

    3) I am going to ask one of the other admins to look at this situation tomarrow and decide whether someone needs to be disciplined or banned. I simply do not know if Matt is responding to some sort of PM from Chuck or is reacting to his avatar change. But I will simply ask him if he believes he is the subject of some sort of credible threat to contact the police in his jurisdiction, and not to make any other posts in response until another admin reviews this situation tomarrow.

    UPDATE: After discussion the Admin group has decided to restore the posts but keep the thread locked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugo Stiglitz View Post
    Matt you're one step short of spending time off this site. If it were up to me you'd be gone right now for what you've just written. Be thankful it isn't.

    Wait a minute. Are you seriously supporting Chuck's whole "Uni-bomber" shtick?

    That ****** turns around and makes even more veiled threats about blowing people up and its MATT that has a problem?!?!?!?

    You sir are a giant fucktard. NO, you are THE giant fucktard. One that seems to revel in veiled threats. So you shoot and blow up people for a living, ey? Wow, lets verify that with an investigation. Lets get your personal info out and dangle in front of you. Lets threaten your financial well being. Lets threaten your family. Lets get a funny package in your mail ************.

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