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    Looking Good
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    Quote Originally Posted by chaosdarksoulz View Post
    probably sound like a noob but I've always asked my self this.

    doesnt matter if its boxing, kung fu, mauy thai or any other fighting style, i wanna know whats the most important aspect of a fighter that applies to every martial art.

    someone said to me its stamina and endurance, saying doesn't matter how strong ur opponent is, if u can out last him and endure his attack eventually u will win.

    some say its technique and speed, e.g. a person fighting a guy twice his strength and size would need technique and speed to win.

    then you have some saying its all heart or strength and what not.

    what do you guys consider to be the most important trait a fighter should have regardless of what style of fighting?
    Pretty much it revolves around the ability to receive a happy ending without changing your facial expression. But that's true of most things in life.

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