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    Knee on Belly to Knee Bar - Marcus Soares 7th Degree BJJ BB

    Today in class someone asked how to get out of knee on knee. Marcus Soares (http://www.marcussoares.com) showed one escape.

    This video is the counter to the counter of the knee on belly if the guy grabs the opposite sleeve to escape.

    When the person grabs the other sleeve you are suppose crush his face with your knee and then erach for the guys knee. From there switch the knee grip to the other hand and reach up and grab the ankle. Than spin around for a knee bar.

    Pay attention to the details of the knee bar. You have to block the guy with your left leg so he won't spin around to get out

    YouTube- Vancouer Grappling - Knee on Belly to Knee Bar - Marcus Soares

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    Nice, although I've always proffered staying on top/dominant position rather then giving it up for a leg attack.

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    That's something I'd attempt only if fell into my lap or it was near the end of competition.

    On another note, those mats and covered poles scare my ankles and head, respectively. I'm guessing they don't do much stand up.


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