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    Possible Hip Labral Tear

    I know I should see a doctor. Still workign on that.

    I was working retail at the time from 11am- 8pm and then a buoncer job from 9pm-2am. I had to stand all on concrete. This didnt bother me, but I didnt realize that it was slowly putting alot of stress on my joints. I was doing the splits and I leaned forward to get a better stretch and I felt my left hip crumble. I believe I have a torn labral now. In time ill get surgery. But I have alot of prep to do before that.

    What should I not do excersize and technique (i.e. kicking) wise. What should I do to help keep it strong. I work with it to keep it strong. But ide still like to hear everyone thoughts on this. And also if you could tell me anything I havnt thought to ask.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Get some really good compression shorts to wear and do NO EXERCISE AT ALL until your surgery. Unless you just hate your hip and want to destroy it.

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    hip labral tear

    How do you know you have a hip labral tear?

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    Have you had your hip MIR'd yet? Thats the only way to tell. I have a labral tear in my right hip, the doctors kept telling me I had a bad groin pull.

    I had to take off of training for about 4 months. There is really not much else you can do. I could not even do a sit up with out a shooting pain from my hip. Then I had a cortizone injection into the hip, Dr gave it 50% chance of getting ride of all symptoms, doesnt cure anything though, but it worked! I had to give up kicking or any impact on the joint, just concentrating on BJJ.

    I know full well I will have to deal with surgery, but the MIR revealed that a hip replacement is in my future. So ya, gonna put it off till I do something stupid and have to get it done
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    Hip labral tear

    There is a test where you flex your hip to your end range, maximally externally rotate your hip. and then abduct it, a pop or click with pain is a sign of a hip labral tear. It's actaully quite common in kicking martial arts and in soccer. It's kinda like impingement of the shoulder, except it's in your hip.


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