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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Y. View Post
    I love my khukuri, but carrying around a 15" part-knife, part-hatchet on my belt would garner funny looks in a best case scenario.
    Bullshit! Strap that khukuri to your leg, then light up one of these and do your best Schwarzenegger impression.
    Quote Originally Posted by Snake Plissken View Post
    cuz FastPass on Indiana Jones was like being a ghetto rock star.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kiko
    But graffiti isn't a bowl of fruit...
    Quote Originally Posted by Robstafarian View Post
    Merely insulting you is not an ad hominem fallacy: them calling you an idiot would be ad hominem if they said "You are an idiot, therefore your argument is invalid."

    What is instead happening is thus:
    1. Your argument is bullshit.
    2. You keep repeating, and expanding upon, your argument.
    3. Therefore, you are an idiot.

    That isn't an ad hominem fallacy; that's inductive reasoning.

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    Love my navy diving knife. The thing's a tank.

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    I carried a Benchmade folder with a liner lock (I hate the axis lock for some reason) for years, until NY changed the law and made carrying almost anything illegal. I've got a CRKT folder I carry when I'm back in VA, as I can't justify the money for a weapon I only carry one week a year.

    For utility use, I have a Leatherman Charge Ti.

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