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Strong card. Not top of the line, but definitely a success for Strikeforce. I hope they focus more on putting out solid events like this one, instead of trying to do stuff on CBS or whatever and failing all over the place.

Is it just me, or does Mauro seem to really shine behind a podium?

Quotes of the night:
"that grazed the chinny chin chin!" -m.ranallo

"they also say never hook with a hooker, right?" -s.quadros

"is his english good or what?" -m.ranallo

"cyborg drops him like names at a hollywood party!" -m.ranallo

"we're in los angeles, maybe he's auditioning!" -m.ranallo
"i've been in a movie with robbie, he's not that good." -p.militich
Yeah, those were all pretty golden. I'm still laughing about something said at Dream 14, something like "he's looking more worn out than a cucumber at a woman's prison."

As for the card, the fights were all pretty good, but it's like a goddamn theater, you could hear a pin drop. Strikeforce needs to raffle off some tickets to some drunken MMA fans that can get the place riled up, get some folks on their feet.