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That first video is terrible too. Ryno? Seriously? Really? I'm out of here guys. Blind leading the blind in this forum.
And I would have really wanted to hear what you had to offer. Oh well.

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When dealing with somebody just sitting postured up, I try to focus on three things:

- Disrupt their base
- Arm drag
- Change angle

Keep your guard locked. Using your core, extend your knees past their hips to begin 'push' their base back behind them. Keep this forward pressure with your hips into them, maybe posting an elbow on the ground to help with the forward pressure. The point of this isn't to sweep because they will probably adjust before you can pull something off, but it forces them out of their strong posture position (disrupt their base). They MIGHT take a hand off of you to post behind them.

Attack their elbows (cup with your hand or under/over hook) and their grips (2-on-1 grip releases) while still pressuring forward with your hips.

With an arm drag or underhook, move yourself around them (while still pressuring into them). It is easier to cut an angle by moving yourself than to forcefully pull them off to the side. MOVE YOURSELF, NOT THEM.

This is what works for me an my game. I play a tight/low-space open guard game and use this to break down posture to start setting up my attacks.
This openned up so much stuff for me. Thanks man!