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    Legal waiver of liabilty and prosecution in throwdown?

    Hello all, please move this if this is not the appropriate forum.

    I've been called out by this complete jackass buffoon who truly deserves a beatdown. I could go into the history of this massive tool's behavior but it could get tedious. I know one can't be over-confident but I'm sure I could annihilate this jackass and he deserves it. He suggested making it a public thing but I in no way want to be publicly associated with him and his pathetic crowd.

    May main question: Do any of you have experience with waivers that would remove all legal liabilities for any injuries I caused him. I don't want to go to jail or be sued by this ass. I think the Bullshido throwdowns are usually of a more cordial nature from what I've seen and this is a situation where I just want to legally pound the **** out of a sociopath who has provoked me over and over.

    Any suggestions? Do any of you have forms you've used in cases like this. I have Waivers students fill out when coming into the school but it's a whole different situation here.

    Best Regards and much respect.

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    send a pm to samuel browning


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