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    Quote Originally Posted by Larus marinus View Post
    Is this proof that groin attacks/the testicular claw is not the super-effective fight-ender that some folks would have us believe? I mean, the receiver was still standing at the end.
    Did you miss the part where the guy was being beaten to death until monkey steals peach turned it around? Trolls should link this video for sport vs. street debates since the one guy is wearing nuthugger shorts that makes him an mma fighter (not just some crazy **** taking off his pants to beat on people).
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    I'm Lithuanian. These guys are all speaking Russian. Yeah i've heard of this kind of crap before, apparently rich old bastards get a kick out of no-rules fighting and they just find people who would do it for money. Though i guess it wouldn't be too hard finding something like that in my country as well xD. I mean seriously, you can get attacked by five guys on the street because they don't like your hairstyle, your clothes, the music coming out of your cellphone or whatever (by street thugs basically, if you are ever in Lithuania look out for bald guys in tracksuits, smoking and drinking on every corner who are always ready to beat the crap out of you, because they don't like something about you) :D
    Want to fit in? Shave your head, start listening to crappy techno and buy yourself a tracksuit (if it's not Nike, Adidas or Puma your gonna get your ass kicked anyway) xDDD
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