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    Judo for peace, baby, judo for peace!

    OK, it seems like the Afghan and Norwegian Judo Federations have been running a project "Judo for fred" ("Judo for peace" in Norwegian) in Afghanistan. The unique project started as a one-man show when the Norwegian diplomat and former Olympic competitor in judo, Stig Traavik, was assigned to the Norwegian Embassy in Kabul. As a judo enthusiast, he quickly found that a few boys were practicing something they called judo in a bombed-out ruin with no light, no heat and no mats. He joined their training sessions and together they started up judo training for orphans.
    However, one problem quickly became apparent. The girls from the same orphanage couldn't train because there were no female judo instructors. So the girls watched their brothers pass their yellow belt tests without themselves participating. Thankfully, our dear friend enlisted his friends from several goverment funding offices back in Norway, and with that kind of money, it wasn't long before the first female instructors were flown in.


    I dunno about you, but I think this is awesome! Go Stig!

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    Thank you for posting this! I went to confirm the story, and the best confirmation was a page written in, presumably, Norwegian (http://www.judoforfred.org/index.php). But it looks legit.

    This is an excellent human interest piece, and right in line with the judo spirit, and what i understand as Kano's reason for wanting to see Judo spread across the country and culture.



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