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    back to tai chi?

    After my first week of sanda/mma I somehow managed to get injured seriously enough that I have to take time off. Unfortunately this isn't very new to me. I have a knack for getting injured very easily. I think it has something to do with my lack of any muscle.

    My question is: after I heal from the injury, is it a good idea for me to go back to sanda/mma training? I think I might get injured again as long as my body remains this weak. I'm thinking I should go back to tai chi while bulking up before I head back to the states and joining an mma gym there. I've heard there might be some more alive schools in this area. Would this offer me any sort of base I can build off of? I've never heard of successful tai chi fighters but any exception to this would give me a bit of hope that I haven't been wasting lots of time. Do you guys know of anyone who has had success with tai chi in full-contact or should I just head back to the gym and hope for no more injuries?
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