Hey all. I'm not enrolled in a martial arts class, as of now. I'm having difficulties finding one. I'm hoping some generous person would lend me a hand, or at the very least, eliminate some. I'm basically looking for a style that is effective in defending oneself, even against other trained martial artists. I'm willing to work hard, and take part in live sparring in order to be able to apply techniques in a real situation, as well as cross training, or if I got the term wrong, training against users of different styles. Not sure about competing in mma/cage fighting. Now, on with examples of local gyms/dojos.

There's a "X masters Black Belt academy", which I eliminated after reading the thread that tells of "McDojos" and such. There's a Muay Thai dojo in the next city over, but after doing a little bit of research, I found the instructors myspace where he claimed to train "world class fighters". I googled his name, aside from his Myspace/Facebook, nothing came up. So he evidently isn't a "world class coach". There's no website to it. I may drive by and give it a look.

There's a "Rebel Sports Fitness" pretty close to me. http://rebelsportsfitness.bizopiaweb...x?tabid=564724
No clue how "legitimate" it is.

PS I live in Beaumont CA if it helps.