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    Grandmaster Jun Osano, 8. Dan


    I found a link to his website while reading old threads on swordforum.com

    Anyone heard of this guy? If so, has anyone heard as to what his skills are like?

    Apparently the man claims to have 9 Menkyo Kaiden. From what I understand a Menkyo Kaiden is essentially a teaching licensis and to get 1 takes years. So how the heck did he get 9 ? Also aren't alot of JMA rather anal about their students training in 1 Ryuha while still the student of another?

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    I have trained with several of Jun Osano's students in Germany when I was stationed there and have met him once. From all I have seen and read on him he is legit. I know for a fact that is Asayama Ichiden Ryu and Shibakawa Ichi Ryu are legit but I never looked into the others. I found Osano's students looking for Asayama Ichiden Ryu and asked my old class mates if they knew anyone in Europe. Having multiple menkyo is not uncommon especially if they are in the same school. Example a schools JJ might be Shibakawa Ryu but their sword might be Jigen Ryu.
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