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    Shoot guns, jump out of an airplane, camp in the fucking woods, build something, go on a roadtrip.....anything manly.

    Volunteer work? He might appreciate that 10 years down the road, but until then he'll likely compare that to his other friends' real birthday parties and resent you for it. Maybe if you throw him a party and then do volunteer work later he'd learn something.

    Or why don't you just try : sewing a quilt together, go shoe shopping, see a musical, get a pedicure......

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    YouTube- 300 - The Wolf

    I'mnot sure which tribe but some Native American tribe would lead thier young men out into the wilderness blindfolded then leave them to find their way back. this lady did something similar a few years ago.

    It doesn't seem like the safest way to go but neither does having him fight a wolf. WAIT better idea! Have him fight a gaint spider.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dsimon3387 View Post
    That would be cool, when I was 13 I got some of the best beatings in my life courtesy of Sensei Ben, spectacular affairs requiring a bucket and cloth and even an occasional emergency room visit.... good ole Baltimore white kid comes into the hospital with a few teeth missing a gash on the forehead and an open wound on the foot brought by a tall afro american male, no questions asked! And my parents? "How are you dear? oh you went through a meat grinder how nice, how was your day?"

    ... but Squerli my son is not even 90 pounds, he is a squirt and I tip the scales at around 250... not 11% pure muscle but I am not a fatty if you catch my drift. Even if he was the Gracie patriarch himself he might have a time of it with that kind of weight advantage.... though I could give the little btard a wooden knife or two and that smart mouth of his could give Milton Berle a run for his money!

    BTW I have a soft spot for squirels as I refer to my wife of ten plus years as "chipmunk albet occasionally as Squirrel" and where did you get that gem of a sig from Omega?! haha damn haha I mean my first reaction was "jesus if I ever piss Omega off,if he feels the need to choke me a bit, hit me a bit or otherwise gang Sou with impunity that woud pale by comparison
    Dude do you know how bad I wish someone just punched me in the face when I was your sons age? I was scared shitless of getting into any type of physical confrontation until I was 16. That's kind of sad.

    Just tag him lightly and get the "fear" aspect taken care of. My short stint in thai boxing where I was constantly sparring bigger and more skilled guys made it very easy for me to deal with pressure and threats from big dudes on the street. They all just bark, I was just a victim because I acted like one. Get him to start thinking "I've fought guys way bigger/the same size as this dude, this confrontation is stupid, I don't care". If I had that mentality when I was his age HS would have been WAY easier for me.

    Also +rep for squirrel love. Oh and I'm the only one stupid enough on this site to remind Omega about how he sorta looks like Wanderlei Silva/BJ Penn (I don't know why these guys are considered ugly but no one makes mention of Chael Sonen or Tim "I look like a Moose abortion" Sylvia). First time I met him in NY during a mega TD I said this to his face as a joke. I'm betting he wished he hit me for it right now.

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