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    Dizziness when lying down

    I'm developing a curious and somewhat unsettling pattern, in which I'll be subject to spells of vertigo when lying down with my eyes closed. They don't strike as I lay down; they'll come on suddenly, typically after I've been down or asleep for a while.
    As soon as I open my eyes and shift positions, I'll suddenly be right as rain; the dizziness only affects me while lying still.
    This first happened to me about a month ago, and then again several nights ago, and has bothered me the past two mornings.
    I plan on seeing my physician about it, especially if it persists, but I was curious if anyone has ever encountered this type of problem and what the cause was.
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    Most common would be BPPV, but with all problems such as these GO TO THE DAMN DOCTOR!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zapruder View Post
    Most common would be BPPV, but with all problems such as these GO TO THE DAMN DOCTOR!!!!
    I agree on the doctor, but BPPV is due to shifting material in the inner ear, and would appear in other positions, along with some other symptoms (Nausea, etc).

    I'd suspect orthostatic hypotension, but then you'd probably have it getting up as well.

    Definitely get it checked. Dizziness is rarely a singular thing, it's usually a symptom of some other malady.


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    Buy a digital blood pressure device and measure when you are supine and when you are standing. A drop of 20 or more systolic when you stand could be concern.

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    I say it could be your monthly bleeding.

    Now, you can believe me, and tap your arse with a nice fluffy tampon, or you could...


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    I've actually been looking for an answer to this myself. I got it a while back and had it for quite sometime. I'm sure by now its cleared up right? It was BPPV, along with me not tapping from chokes. it bothered me for a while so I just thought I could give a good answer. hopefully this helps.

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    I have had this problem occasionally for about five years, theoretically related to a series of vasovagal syncope episodes. I had no health insurance during that period, however, and the first I'll have seen a doctor since then will be next month (assuming I can get an appointment that quickly after my new card arrives).

    I am still adjusting to the fact that the privatization of Medicaid in my state has flown under the radar so completely; just my luck to be approved for benefits just in time for it all to be shifted to an HMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aodhan View Post
    I'd suspect orthostatic hypotension, but then you'd probably have it getting up as well.

    Orthostatic hypotension by definition gets worse with standing, so that is ruled out. My guess is an otolith in the ear. But yes, go to the doctor.

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    My wife suffers from something similar and was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease,
    unless you go to the GP you won't know. That one is totally fixable BTW, she gets a prescription whenever it flares up and it solves the problem. Get it looked at by a GP, it could be anything. You don't want to let something insidious go without dealing with it.

    BTW - I had blood pressure issues in the past and I only felt the effects when I stood up suddenly and it was generally dizziness combined with loss of vision.

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    zapados got his brown belt?

    Also, alexski, you're problem is not enough throwdowns + moose.

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    I agree with moosey


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