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Thread: UFC Vs Pride

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dagon Akujin View Post
    Wasn't that fight fixed by the fighters themselves due to one of them having an injury? Isn't that very different than the organization itself telling people when they need to lose?
    No one really knows what that was, but it sure as hell was weird.

    But where exactly is your proof of fixed fights in Pride. Sure, there were a couple of obvious examples early on such as Takada-Coleman but the same can be said about UFC. To talk like most fights were predetermined is a bit ridiculous. I certainly havent heard any of the ex Pride fighters talk about anything like that. Worst Ive heard was Rampage talking about someone spiking his water battle before the Sakuraba fight, which was obviously just a lame excuse (he has one for every single one of his losses)

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    Rampage also claimed that he was offered extra money if he either got knocked out by Sakuraba or if he refused to tap and lost (he tapped though). Quinton said that he was going to get more $$$ for losing the way they wanted than for winning.

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    I enjoyed watching fights from both organization, but personally Pride had better entrance themes. Just my preference.

    foreshadowing :ninjadanc

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