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    I'll post what I posted on every site I saw this article on:

    I don’t see where the problem is. Wrestling is a martial art. Just because they don’t dress up in pajamas and bow doesn’t mean that it’s not a martial art. Same is the case with Boxing. So what, next, you’re gonna say that boxing is taking the “martial arts” out of MMA because everyone’s (well... except machida) been doing boxing to help their striking?

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    If we take it from the historical point of view in ancient Greece the generals didn't like to call anything in the Olympic a martial art, cuz there was the mentality that in war you are full armored and equipped with weapons.

    Thus in wrestling (like freestyle) a small person will 90% lose while a bigger one will win. But in dagger doesn't care if you a big or not it just cuts.

    So, that way boxing, wrestling, pankratio weren't martial arts with that definition. As mentioned before the definition has changed. Both boxing and wrestling have discipline, need hard work (more than many others) teaches 'martial arts moves' . Mix them add some submission and you have pankratio, now if that isn't a martial art I dunno what it is. (I am not referring to the modern version but the good old one).

    Also, the text seems to acknowledge wrestling as a strong art (sport as he call it), but seemed worried that ruins the MMA evolution. If people want a 'martial art' similar to wrestling to do take the place, then there is judo and sambo.

    In judo there is Kodogan and Kosen (which is similar to BJJ). Free judo from the rules that don't allow double and single leg or give motives to inject it to MMA. If that's a good enough 'martial art'.

    Or they will need to create a grappling art which would be like no gi judo/sambo/bjj and would end up looking like submission wrestling.

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