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    Xtreme Couture In Toronto

    alright so ive been looking online at gyms, and this is the only 1 that apeals to me i already do Karate (black belt) and do MMA all at the same school, the thing is, is that its this little small space, now don't get me wron its a great school, but i'm looking for something to help my fighting ability and maybe go pro, if you have any better suggestions ior if Xtreme Couture is worth going to i'd like to know.

    P.S i live in the Barrie area 30-45 minutes away from Toronto.

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    I haven't heard anything bad about xtreme but there's a lot of good MMA schools closer to Barrie.

    Plus Barrie is 30-45 minutes away - But not during cottage season good luck on that!


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