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    I am in. Good actors and a good father son story plus a caped crusader. It will be a staple in the Artigue household
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    Quote Originally Posted by JKDChick View Post
    Dude, she was a good character. I had this Solamnic Knight fall in love with her when he thought she was a helpless waif and played the relationship all the way to where he finds out she's an assassin and declares he has to kill her.

    DM kept popping him up randomly whenever things were going well, great story line.
    Hehe, sounds nice. I DMed a few campaigns based on the "Time of the Dragons" box, which introduces a new continent north of Ansalon, which is one of easily coolest places in D&D history.

    They revamped the series for Third Edition D&D, but the books were not as good as the old stuff. - I would give it a look in your place, though. Just for nostalgia's worth. :)

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