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    You know what, I reckon pretty much everyone who has ever devised a martial art has at some point introduced all or most of the aspects of combat into it.

    Didn't the Gracies practice striking as part of their 'jiujitsu'?

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    Yes they did, I believe they still emphasize it a lot in GJJ, but even at Gracie Barra learning the boxing 1 2 combo and MT leg kick and push kick are part of the curriculum. Bruce Lee may have been a great martial artist but any of his real world accomplishments are confused with his onscreen accomplishments and have melded into one in the same in the eyes of a lot of nutriders out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkdeez View Post
    Pgs 182 and 183 from Regards From The Dragon Seattle by David Tadman

    The picture of Bruce practicing the throw is with Fred Sato, who is an instructor at Seattle Dojo.
    THANK YOU for finally getting Sato-sensei's name correct; I was concerned that there would be confusion between him and Shuzo Kato. Fred SATO is currently 84 years old and still around if anyone wants to call and ask him this stuff personally.

    Also, I personally studied with Sato-sensei in Seattle for four years, from 1980-1984. I was a huge Bruce Lee fan at the time, and Sato-sensei had a great sense of humour; he would indulge me with a story now and then about teaching Bruce Lee while he was going to the University of Washington.

    He taught Lee both Judo AND grappling, and said Lee was a natural. He studied far more than three months, though; that was the time Lee inititally began with Kato-sensei...with Sato-sensei we are talking well over a year, and nearly daily. This came from the man himself, so maybe this will put a few things to rest.

    Bruce Lee did NOT achieve a legitimate Black Belt for his studies: He was given an HONOURARY Black Belt by Sato-sensei for his "time, devotion, and skill"--this also comes from the man himself.

    Hope that helps clear things up. Great photos there, btw. Two of my favourite 'local' boys. ;)
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